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MRFF strategy and priorities

The Australian Government is delivering a major injection of funds into the health and medical research sector to provide a sustainable source of funding for vital medical research.

MRFF plans to transform health and medical research through 6 strategic platforms:

  1. Support stronger partnerships between researchers, healthcare professionals, governments and the community. This will help position Australia as a leader in significant global research, such as tackling antimicrobial resistance.
  2. Make better use of existing data and infrastructure to help improve our health and medical research.
  3. Strengthen our health services and systems research to make healthcare more efficient and affordable.
  4. Develop the skills of researchers and healthcare professionals and encourage collaboration across health and medical research disciplines and sectors.
  5. Support new and existing clinical trial networks to guide the development of new drugs and devices, new models of care, and improved clinical practice.
  6. Support researchers to find a commercial partner or investor to help turn their discoveries into every day realities.
Last updated: 
1 August 2018

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