What is the Greater Choice for at Home Palliative Care measure?

The Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care (GCfAHPC) measure provides funding for coordinating palliative care through Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

Why is the Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure important?

Being cared for and dying at home is most people’s preference. This initiative aims to help make that possible.

What are the goals of the Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure?

 The goals of this measure are to:

  • improve your access to the best palliative care at home

  • support palliative care services in primary health and community care

  • make sure you get the right care, at the right time and in the right place to reduce unnecessary hospital visits

  • generate and use data to improve services

  • use technology to provide flexible and responsive care, including after-hours care

How will we meet these goals?

Some of the ways the PHNs will meet these goals will be by:

  • improving coordination between your different health services if you are at home

  • developing a system to allow early referrals to palliative care

  • strengthening community support for your family and carers

  • providing better resources for local communities to work with palliative care providers

  • meeting community needs for palliative care

  • working with the local hospital and the local community to provide home based palliative care

Who works with us on Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure?

11 PHNs are receiving funding to implement the measure. For details on the PHNs involved and their activities see the project activity description summary.


PHNs are currently implementing various activities to meet the goals of the measure. In January 2019 The Evaluation Plan was published. The plan shows how the measure will be evaluated to understand what works well and what needs improvement.


Palliative care contact

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Last updated: 
24 December 2019