About the program

The grant program funds sport and physical activity projects for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. It supports projects aimed at:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • newly arrived migrants and refugees
  • women
  • people with a physical or mental disability

The program supports activities such as:

  • coaching clinics to teach sports skills and techniques
  • local sports competitions
  • exercise classes with qualified instructors

Why it is important

Sport and shared physical activities help improve people’s health and wellbeing, and foster a strong sense of community belonging and pride.

This program supports people who are less likely to take part in regular sport and physical activity.

It will help build resilient, cohesive and harmonious communities.

Goals of the program

The program aims to:

  • support more people to take part in sport and physical activity
  • promote diversity
  • build strong and inclusive communities
  • increase community pride and connection
  • help disadvantaged Australians to build social links

More information

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Last updated: 
25 October 2021