What is the ACTTP?

The ACTTP program supports new aged care nurses with training and professional development.

Nurses who take part in the program will receive:

  • specialist training in aged care and gerontological nursing
  • mentorship from senior aged care nurses.

Why is the ACTTP important?

Aged care nursing can provide registered nurses with exciting opportunities for rapid development and career advancement.

The ACTTP program aims to attract and retain new nurses by offering vital support to nurses beginning their careers. This will boost the attractiveness of aged care nursing to newly graduated nurses.

This support and specialist training will also ensure nurses have the confidence and skills to deliver high quality clinical care to older Australians.

Who is eligible to participate?

The ACTTP program is open to registered nurses who:

  • have graduated university in the previous two years
  • are in their first year of clinical practice
  • have not previously participated in a Transition to Practice Program.

Who is delivering the ACTTP?

The Department of Health is funding the program. Three suppliers have been contracted to deliver the ACTTP program across Australia.

For more information, or to find out how you can participate, contact the suppliers at:


Last updated: 
5 August 2021