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About private health insurance

Your starting point for information about private health insurance — what it is, why we have it, how it works, the laws that govern it, what we're doing about reforms, and how to choose and manage a policy.

  • What is private health insurance?
    If you have private health insurance, it will help you pay for health care costs. How much it pays and what it covers depends on the policy you take out. Find out how private health insurance cover is different from public health care.
  • What does private health insurance offer?
    Having private health insurance gives you greater choice about your health care. Private hospital cover allows you to choose the doctor and hospital you're treated in. An additional 'extras' policy can include treatments not covered by Medicare. You may also pay less tax if you have private health insurance.
  • How does private health insurance work?
    There are different types of cover (hospital and 'extras') and different levels of cover available. Higher premium policies usually cover more treatments, but there can still be out-of-pocket costs. Some treatments may also have waiting periods before you can claim costs for them.
  • Choosing private health insurance
    Choosing private health insurance that suits you and your family can be challenging. There are lots of options available so it's a good idea to work out what you need. Find out what questions to ask to help you make a good choice.
  • Using private health insurance
    Know what's included in your private health insurance policy and how to make a claim. Find out how to manage your premiums, suspend your policy while overseas, change to a different health insurer or make a complaint.
  • Private health insurance laws
    Learn about the laws governing private health insurance. Find out who can offer private health insurance, what insurers must tell you and the rules they have to follow for things like premium increases and waiting periods.
  • What we're doing about private health insurance
    We administer, review and reform private health insurance laws to make private health insurance easier to understand and more affordable.
Last updated: 
17 February 2019

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