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Bushfire information

Bushfire information and support

Australia's bushfires are affecting our health in many ways. Learn more about smoke and air quality, how you can access the medical help you need, and what the Australian Government is doing to support your health during these devastating times.

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Emergency health management in Australia

In Australia, state and territory health authorities manage health emergencies.

We get involved when health emergencies have a national or international impact.

When national health emergencies happen, it’s important to have a coordinated approach to:

  • consistent and appropriate responses between states and territories
  • manage the extra load on our health system
  • reduce the effect on Australians.

We need to be prepared for a range of health emergencies including:

  • communicable disease outbreaks – such as an influenza pandemic, measles or bird flu
  • the health effects of natural disasters – such as floods, bushfires and cyclones
  • acts of terrorism – such as bombings, shootings or bioterrorism
  • mass casualty incidents – such as plane and train crashes.

Public Health Information Hotline

Call the Public Health Information Hotline in the event of a health emergency or incident affecting the public. You can call between 8:30am and 5pm AEST/AEDT from Monday to Friday.

What we’re doing about emergency health management

We work to prevent, prepare for and respond to national health emergencies.

Our work includes:

We also support health protection committees responsible for health emergency management, including the:

The Department of Home Affairs leads the Australian Government’s planning and responses to disasters and emergencies. We’re responsible for the health aspects of these national plans.