Healthy Food Partnership – Reformulation Working Group

The Reformulation Working Group, which has now ceased, set the priorities for the Food Reformulation Program. This was part of the Healthy Food Partnership, which brings governments, the public health sector and the food industry together to improve the diet of Australians


The Reformulation Working Group has now ceased. Its role was to set the priorities for the Healthy Food Partnership’s Food Reformulation Program, based on scientific evidence, to help Australians eat a healthy diet that is in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Activities included:

  • looking at existing reformulation initiatives and evidence of their success, in Australia and overseas, to build on their achievements  
  • assessing which nutrients, foods and categories should be included in both phases of the program
  • setting measurable targets for reformulation.


  • Vanessa Clarkson (Chair)
  • Fritz Meyer (co-Chair)
  • Trish Guy
  • Anne-Marie Mackintosh
  • Jacqui Webster
  • Michael Depalo
  • Julie-Anne McWhinnie
  • Clare Bleys
  • Xenia Cleanthous
  • Rivkeh Haryono.

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This working group reported to the Executive Committee.

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