Health Workforce Taskforce (HWT)

The Health Workforce Taskforce (HWT) provides advice and recommendations to the Health Ministers’ Meeting (HMM) on priority workforce matters. The HWT develops and oversees implementation of a range of workforce strategies to meet current and future health needs of Australians.


The HWT:

  • provides advice and recommendations to the Health Chief Executives’ Forum (HCEF) and Health Ministers’ Meeting (HMM) about actions to address priority workforce challenges across the health, mental health, aged care, and disability sectors 
  • coordinates and oversees implementation of HMM-agreed strategic priority actions relating to health workforce 
  • develops, and coordinates targeted implementation of national workforce strategies 
  • oversees the national legislation regulating health practitioners
  • engages with regulatory bodies and other intergovernmental governance groups to inform, progress and implement priority initiatives and strategies.


HWT members include officers from the Commonwealth, and all state and territory jurisdictions. A HCEF member chairs the HWT which reports to the HCEF.

Chair: Susan Pearce AM, Secretary, NSW Ministry of Health 

Deputy chair: Dr Robyn Lawrence PSM, Chief Executive, Department for Health and Wellbeing, South Australia 


The HWT meets regularly, via a mix of virtual and face-to-face meetings to discuss and progress health workforce priorities. 

Current projects

The HWT works on a variety of projects. Current work includes:

Related committees or groups

The HWT reports to:

Subcommittees include the:

  • NRAS Policy and Legislation Committee
  • National e-Portfolio Project Board.


Health Workforce Taskforce secretariat

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