The Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Expert Advisory Panel has been appointed to provide the Minister for Health with advice on the strategic priorities for research investment through this Mission. Its role is to define evidence and knowledge gaps that should be addressed through Mission research funding to assist in transforming health care and health outcomes for individuals and communities. This role includes the definition of key research questions that, if answered, will deliver meaningful change to patients through the translation of research.

Expert Advisory Panel members will consult and engage with other researchers, industry and consumer/patient groups and participate in media and public activities to build awareness of and facilitate interaction with the Mission and with other MRFF-funded research.

Further information on the roles and responsibilities of MRFF Expert Advisory Panels can be found in the MRFF Mission Governance resource.


The Australian Government appoints the Expert Advisory Panel, which is co-chaired by independent Chairs. The panel includes members appointed for their expertise in various aspects of dementia, ageing and aged care:

  • research
  • clinical
  • commercial
  • community


Background and experience

Professor Elizabeth Beattie


Professor Elizabeth Beattie is a Professor of Aged and Dementia Care within the Faculty of Health at the Queensland University of Technology.

Professor Len Gray


Professor Gray is the Director of the Centre for Health Services Research within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Queensland.

Professor Kaarin Anstey

Professor Anstey is the Chair of the School of Psychology within the Faculty of Science at the University of New South Wales.

Ms Megan Corlis

Ms Corlis is the Director of Research and Development at Helping Hand.

Mr Craig Gear

Mr Gear is the Chief Executive Officer of the Older Persons Advocacy Network.

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

Professor Kristjanson is the Vice Chancellor and President of Swinburne University.

Professor Susan Kurrle

Professor Kurrle is Curran Professor in Health Care of Older People, within the Northern Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney.

Ms Jennifer Lawrence

Ms Lawrence is the Chief Executive Officer of the Brightwater Care Group.

Mr Ian Yates

Mr Yates is the Chief Executive Officer of the Council On The Ageing Australia.

Term of Reference

Terms of Reference will be made available once endorsed by Government.


The Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Expert Advisory Panel meets several times a year.

Related committees and groups

The Expert Advisory Panel reports to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians.

We provide secretariat support to the panel.


Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Expert Advisory Panel contact

Contact for further information on the Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission Expert Advisory Panel. The mission is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

MRFF [at]

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9 January 2020