Vaping and you

Find out how vapes can affect you and get support to help you cut back or quit.

Safe vaping? No such thing.

The facts

Vaping harms your health. Here’s what you need to need to know.

Going vape-free

Lots of people quit vaping every day – and you can too, starting here.


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Help to quit vaping

Lots of people have already quit vaping – and you can too. It might take a few goes to fully stop but there is support out there to help you. Services like Quitline (137 848) are there to support you while you try to quit vaping.

You can also talk to your doctor or trusted health professional, or download the free My QuitBuddy app for help to quit.

If you’re finding quitting tough, mental health support is available too:

The Short Sisters speak out about vaping and finding support

Professional surfers, the Short Sisters, encourage others to break free from vaping and find support.



[S: Hi, my name is Shyla

Z: and I'm Zahlia and we’re surfers from the South Coast. We are very honoured to be a part of this campaign because we want to shed light and raise awareness to the risks of vaping to kids we see as young as 11 or 12, vaping and not knowing the consequences to their health.

Nicotine use at this age can disrupt the formation of brain circuits that control attention, learning and increase your chances of getting addicted.

S: Vaping can cause permanent damage to your lungs.

Z: Know why you want to quit.

S: Is vaping affecting the way you feel or think? Are you vaping ‘cause it's hard to quit? Is there activities you used to love to do but you can't anymore because of vaping?

Z: Get support and build your team. Talk to someone about quitting, whether it's a service like 13 QUIT a trusted family member or friends

S: or even a mate in the surf, a coach, a teacher or a health professional.]

Darth Vapour by content creator Ella Watkins

We’ve partnered with content creator Ella Watkins to educate young Australians on the harms of vaping. Darth Vapour is back from the future to educate her younger self on the health risks associated with vaping.



[0:00 Hey, pass the vape.

0:02 You can't bring that in here.

0:02 Don't tell me you're worried about the health risks

0:04 Who is?

0:04 No, I'm-I'm worried about Darth Vapour.

0:07 She's not real, Ella.

0:08 Who is Darth Vapour?

0:11 Darth Vapour?

0:12 I'm as real as the health risks associated with vaping.

0:15 We weren't vaping.

0:16 We promise.

0:22 Vape on this!

0:29 Don’t inhale it Ella, it’s toxic. 

0:30 Too late, she’s addicted. 

0:31 Watermelon bubblegum doesn't taste so sweet in the long run, does it?

0:37 You a fan of the planet?

0:38 I always recycle.

0:39 She does.

0:39 And yet vapes cannot be recycled and may never breakdown.

0:42 I didn't realise.

0:43 Fake earthy.

0:44 That's so lame.

0:45 I've become the very thing I seek to destroy.

0:47 Recycle this.

0:48 This one’s for your mum.  And by mum, I mean Mother Nature.

0:59 You can’t outrun me with your compromised lung function.

1:02 I only vape in social situations.

1:04 That's plenty.

1:16 You wouldn't understand Darth Vapour.

1:18 Oh, but I do.

1:22 You look awful 

1:23 Beneath every Darth Vapour mask is an ex-vaper

1:27 What made you finally decide to quit?

1:29 Your idea of being bested by the hands of Blueberry sour Raspberry started super lame.

1:32 That does sound super lame.

1:33 Tell your friends if passionfruit-guava pop doesn't get you, Darth Vapour will.]

What's really in a vape?

Watch this video to find out what’s really in a vape.


[[Voice over] Are you a part of vape nation? Well, this kind of thing has all happened before. 

[Voice from historical TV smoking advertisement] What cigarette do you smoke, doctor?

[Voice over] So, back in the 1920s, big tobacco used the women’s liberation movement, doctors, Santa and movie stars to make cigarettes appear cool and healthy to profit from the masses. 

And here we are in the vaping generation. But what’s really inside a vape?

Inhaling a vape pulls liquid from the fluid reservoir through a battery-powered heating coil, transforming liquid to aerosol. So what’s going into your lungs?

Well, a vape may have these chemicals, like propylene glycol, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, styrene, benzine, metals, ultrafine particles trapped in your lungs, and an oral fixation addiction to a nicotine hit that you keep chasing more and more of.

Is this what you really want?

So instead, choose healthy habits: exercise; make friends who want the best for you; look for something more than a quick fix. Spit the dummy, don’t let vaping be your ick.]