For parents and carers

How to provide support for a person who wants to quit.

Young people are influenced directly and indirectly by the adults in their lives. Your attitude towards vaping will inform what the young people around you think about vaping. Vaping and smoking rates for young people are higher when parents or older siblings also vape or smoke. 

Things you can do

  • Encourage them and support their journey to quit. 
  • They might think quitting is too hard – don’t challenge these feelings. Offer to help support them in seeking help.   
  • Learn about addiction to nicotine and understand that quitting can be very difficult – especially in the early days. 
  • Attend appointments with them to help them talk to healthcare professionals, like a school nurse, doctor or trusted health professional, about quitting vaping. 
  • Remind them that health experts say there is no safe way to vape. 
  • Celebrate their attempts and successes with encouragement or acknowledgement that they’re trying to give up.  
  • Be informed and ready to provide accurate advice and support. 
  • Let them know that there are resources and support services to help them quit. 

Resources for parents and carers

These resources provide guidance for parents and carers wanting to talk to their young person about vaping.

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