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Your Aged Care Update

The Your Aged Care Update weekly e-newsletter contains news for aged care providers and the aged care sector. It includes updates on aged care reforms, information about new programs, training, and grant opportunities.

We also send email alerts as needed with important time-critical information.

We encourage the aged care sector to sign up to receive our updates, in particular:

  • aged care providers (home and residential care)
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  • peak bodies or advocacy services
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  • government employees.

Working in Aged Care

Our Working in Aged Care newsletter contains news for the aged care workforce. It includes information on initiatives and programs including free resources, guides and training opportunities. 

If you are an aged care worker in home or residential aged care we encourage you to sign up.  We may sometimes send you emails inviting you to participate in engagement activities or with important updates on changes to aged care. 


Our EngAged monthly e-newsletter contains updates for the public about the aged care reforms and ageing well. Occasionally we may send you emails:

  • inviting you to participate in aged care engagement activities
  • informing you of major news relating to aged care programs or the aged care reforms.

This newsletter is for older Australians, and anyone interested in aged care and ageing well.

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