Quick exit banner and safe browsing

How to use our quick exit banner and browse safely online.

Our quick exit banner

A quick exit banner allows you to leave a webpage immediately. It may be useful if you do not want someone else to see what you are looking at. 

On our site, the purple quick exit banner appears at the top of selected pages that contain sensitive content. It looks like this. 

Clicking anywhere on the quick exit banner or pressing the Esc key closes the page and opens the Google search page in a new window. 

Using the quick exit banner does not delete your browser history. This means that if someone else looks at your browser history, they will be able to see which webpages you have visited. You can delete this history in a separate step.

How to browse safely

When you do an internet search or visit a webpage, your web browser keeps a history of this online activity. Examples of browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. The browser history makes it easier for you to return to a website you have looked at before. It also means other people can see which sites you have visited. 

You can delete your browsing history by going into your browser’s settings. Find out how to clear your history on: 

Within your browser’s settings you can also choose to browse in Private or Incognito mode. This means that your browser won’t save your browsing history, cookies or site data.

Tips for staying safe online

To stay safe online:

  • set strong passwords
  • change passwords regularly
  • browse in private or incognito mode
  • clear browser history
  • use public devices (such as in a library) and clear the browser history when you finish.


For more information on how to stay safe online, visit:

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