Travel health

It’s important to prepare before travelling, especially when going overseas, to avoid diseases and other health issues. Find out where to go for travel health advice and what we’re doing to help Australian travellers stay healthy.

Before you leave

Overseas travel can be a great experience, but it can also expose you to serious infectious diseases. Plan and prepare your travel to stay safe:

Also see our guidance on international travel and COVID-19.

If you are planning to get medical or dental treatment, do some research first. For tips on how to reduce your risk, see going overseas for a medical procedure.

While you travel

When you are overseas you should take steps to reduce your risk of infectious diseases:

If you need a doctor, medicine or mental health support, see medical help overseas to find out what to do. 

You cannot claim Medicare for telehealth or other services while you are overseas, even if the healthcare provider is in Australia.

When you return

If you become unwell:

  • before your trip home – see a doctor
  • on your way home – tell your flight or vessel crew or visit your vessel’s medical centre
  • while in the airport or seaport – tell a biosecurity officer 
  • in the weeks after you return home – see a doctor and tell them where you travelled.

Find out what symptoms to watch out for when you return.

If you are concerned about a disease, talk to a doctor or contact your state or territory health department.

What we’re doing about travel health

We provide information for travellers to help them avoid infectious diseases and other health-related issues. Our work to support vaccination services helps to keep travellers safe.

We also work to reduce the risk of diseases entering Australia through international travel. Find out about:

Programs and resources

Travelling with medicines and medical devices

Watch this video to find out what to do when preparing for your trip and going through border control. It also tells you about the requirements that may apply when coming to Australia.

Medical Treatment Overseas Program

If you are travelling overseas for life-saving medical treatment not available in Australia, you can apply for financial help under this program.

Guidelines for yellow fever vaccination providers

These guidelines help health practices seeking to become yellow fever vaccination centres. Doctors and eligible nurse practitioners must complete a course and become accredited.

Support services


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