Organ and tissue donation

Donating organs and tissue can save people’s lives. Depending on the organ or tissue, you can donate while you’re alive or after death. Find out what we’re doing to support donors and people waiting for transplants.

About organ and tissue donation

Learn what we’re doing about organ and tissue donation in Australia

Register to be a donor

Record your decision to be an organ and tissue donor on the Australian Organ Donor Register

Living donation support

Learn about and apply for the Supporting Living Organ Donors Program

Organ and tissue donation in Australia

Read statistics and information about organ and tissue donation in Australia.

Australian Organ Donor Register contact

1800 777 203

Register your decision to be an organ or tissue donor after you die to save the lives of other people. Call the register from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.



Supporting Living Organ Donors Program appointment sign-off sheet

Eligible donors can use this sheet to keep track of medical appointments. Donors can give this sheet to the medical professional who performs or books their physical and mental health tests (usually the transplant coordinator) to sign as proof of attendance.

Transition Action Plan

The Transition Action Plan (TAP) aims to consolidate and progress actions that will inform the implementation approach for the National Strategy for Organ Donation, Retrieval and Transplantation and the National Eye and Tissue Sector Framework.

Did you know?

1,600 people

are waiting for a life-saving transplant

12,000 people

are on dialysis, many of whom would benefit from a kidney transplant

10,300 people

received a tissue or tissue-based product transplant in 2019