Immunisations for access to family assistance benefits and early childhood services

All children up to 19 years of age must meet the immunisation requirements for Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A and Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Immunisations for access to family assistance payments (No Jab, No Pay)

To meet the immunisation requirements, children up to 19 years of age need to be up to date with their immunisations, be on an approved catch-up schedule or have an approved exemption.

Some exemptions apply, but vaccination objection is not a valid exemption.

For the purposes of FTB Part A and CCS a child is required to be vaccinated against the diseases as per the age appropriate early childhood vaccination schedule.

To help parents meet the immunisation requirements, all young people up 19 years of age can access free catch-up vaccines. You must make sure your child is up to date with their vaccinations to meet the requirements. Your vaccination provider will update the Australian Immunisation Register.

If your child has missed any vaccinations and is not fully immunised and you wish to receive family assistance payments, contact your vaccination provider to organise a vaccination catch-up program.

For more detail about immunisation for family assistance payments visit What are immunisation requirements (Services Australia).

For information on how you can check if your child is fully immunised How to access my child’s immunisation history.

Immunisations for access to early childhood services (No Jab, No Play)

Some states and territories may require a child to meet the immunisation requirements, or provide an immunisation record, to enrol in early education and care services.

For a summary of the different state and territory requirements access NCIRS No Jab, No Play, No Jab No Pay

Further information is available on state and territory health websites.

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