Immunisation for work

Certain jobs and industries are linked with a greater risk of getting and/or transmitting a disease preventable by vaccination.

If you are looking for information COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the COVID-19 vaccination page.

Workers in certain jobs and industries are at greater risk of getting or passing on some vaccine-preventable diseases. These jobs include:

  • healthcare workers, including trainees and students
  • people who look after children
  • carers of people with intellectual disabilities
  • carers of older people
  • people who work in laboratories
  • people who work with or are in contact with animals
  • anyone exposed to human tissue, blood, body fluids or sewage
  • people who work in emergency and essential services.

If you work in any of these jobs, speak to your employer or doctor about recommended vaccines.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook outlines recommended vaccinations for people at risk due to their job.

The National Immunisation Program does not usually fund vaccinations recommended for work. Individuals will need to establish whether the recommended vaccines will be self, or employer funded. There may be a cost for the vaccines and also a cost for the appointment with the immunisation provider.

Providers of government-subsidised residential aged care services must offer their staff and volunteers a free influenza vaccination every year. 

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