Immunisation data

Find out where our data comes from and what data is provided.

Where we get the numbers 

We get our numbers from the Australian Immunisation Register. Vaccination providers including general practitioners (GPs) report to the Register when they give vaccines to their patients. 

This includes COVID-19 vaccines, vaccines given under the National Immunisation Program, and vaccines given privately for seasonal influenza or travel. Information on the AIR can be found on the Services Australia website

It is mandatory for all vaccination providers to report to the AIR: 

  • COVID-19 vaccinations administrated on or after 20 February 2021 

  • influenza vaccinations administered on or after 1 March 2021 

  • National Immunisation Program vaccinations administered on or after 1 July 2021.  

The Australian Immunisation Register Rule 2015 (AIR Rule) outlines the specific vaccines, data elements, and how they are reported 

Some of the data is filtered based on the categories people search most when looking at data. We provide data on: 

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