Influenza immunisation data

Learn about Influenza immunisation data, why it is provided, and how it is presented.

About influenza immunisation data 

Annual vaccination is the best protection against the flu. This is because the most common strains of the virus that cause influenza change every year. The vaccine also changes every year to match these strains.  

The federal government’s public data policy requires all government agencies to make non-sensitive data open by default. 

We provide the data to help people make informed decisions about influenza vaccination. This includes governments, organisations, communities, commercial entities and individuals. 

How the data is presented

We break the number of total vaccinations given into four most requested categories for reporting purposes. These are:

  • State and territory 
  • Age range
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status 
  • Medicare provider type

Influenza (flu) immunisation data

This collection shows the number of influenza (flu) vaccinations recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) since March 2022. It is updated weekly throughout the flu season.
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