What we're doing about health technologies and digital health

We develop policies and programs to support the development and adoption of health technologies and digital health capabilities. We also support research to ensure data and technology work safely for patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals.

Policy and strategies

The Digital Health Blueprint and Action Plan

The Digital Health Blueprint and Action Plan 2023-2033 outlines the Australian Government’s ten-year vision for the role digital health capabilities will continue to play in delivering a more person-centered, connected, and sustainable health system for Australians.

National Digital Health Strategy

Our portfolio agency, the Australian Digital Health Agency, manages the National Digital Health Strategy on behalf of the sector. The agency focuses on the delivery of national infrastructure that enables data and technology to safely work for patients, consumers, carers and healthcare professionals.

Governance of My Health Record data use

We support the agency to deliver My Health Record, including its policy and governance. We work on governance of use of My Health Record data for research and public health purposes. Our framework will guide the use of My Health Record data for research and public health purposes in the future.

Initiatives and programs

We have several initiatives and programs that support health technologies and digital health.

Our Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive (ePIP) program encourages general practices to use the latest developments in digital health technology. This helps them improve their administration processes and patient care.

Consultation and engagement

We consult the public about matters related to health technologies and digital health. See our consultation hubs to have your say on:

Artificial intelligence in health

The 2024–25 Budget funds a targeted review of legislation to clarify and strengthen existing regulation for artificial intelligence (IA) in Australia’s healthcare system. 

Our Safe and Responsible AI initiative complements the Department of Industry, Science, and Resources’ agenda to ensure that Australia has the necessary guardrails in place to build trust and confidence in the use of AI. 

We will release the public consultation paper in August 2024, and run a series of webinars. 

Email us if you have questions or to register your interest.

Grants and tenders

You can search AusTender for tenders related to health technologies or digital health.

Australian researchers can apply for research grants through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

See GrantConnect for grant opportunities related to health technologies.


The Administrative Arrangements Order sets out the laws that ministers are responsible for administering.

Our portfolio administers the following laws related to health technologies and digital health on behalf of our ministers.

These include:

In 2020 we published a review of the My Health Records legislation. The review ensuresd that the legislation underpinning the My Health Records system enables it to work as well as it can for all Australians.

Regulation and compliance

Our portfolio agency, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, regulates therapeutic goods such as prescription medicines, vaccines and medical devices.

We conduct health technology assessments (HTAs) to assess new technologies for safety, quality and cost-effectiveness.

We are working to digitise and simplify the processes to support regulation and reimbursement of health-related products and services. We are modernising these systems through our Health Products Portal.

Research and clinical trials

Research into new medicines, treatments and devices helps improve the health of Australians.

Clinical trials can give people access to emerging health technologies that have not yet received market authorisation in Australia.

We fund medical research and clinical trials that test the safety and efficacy of emerging health technologies. The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) is an ongoing research fund set up by the Australian Government in 2015. Researchers can apply for funding opportunities every year.

The MRFF is already supporting many research initiatives.

Who we work with

We work with many organisations on health technologies and digital health.

They include:


Digital future in health care contact

Email us for more information about our work on artificial intelligence in health care, or to register your interest in our consultation. Use 'Supporting Safe AI public consultation web query' for the email subject.
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