Health Technology Assessment reforms and reviews

We regularly review health technology assessment (HTA) processes to make them more efficient and consistent.

What are HTA reforms and reviews

We review our HTA policies, methods, and processes to make sure they are working as expected.

Our reviews look at:

  • how efficient our HTA processes are
  • whether we can streamline processes further
  • how we can improve their design and delivery.

Why HTA reforms and reviews are important

These reforms and reviews will improve the capability of our systems and help us address future needs.

Current reforms and reviews

We are working on a major multi-year reform to our HTA processes. These reforms will improve the capability of our systems and help us address future needs.

Health Technology Assessment Policy and Methods Review

As part of the Strategic Agreement with Medicines Australia (2022–2027), we agree to support a HTA Policy and Methods Review. We also agree to look at co-designing a better consumer engagement process.

Health Products Portal

We are also continuing development of the Health Products Portal to provide a single digital channel for the pharmaceutical industry to interact with our HTA processes.

Review of the National Medicines Policy

Our review of the National Medicines Policy is considering issues related to health technologies. 

Completed reforms and reviews

Review of the National Medicines Policy

The National Medicines Policy was first published in 2000. During 2021 and 2022 the Department of Health and Aged Care conducted a review process that included extensive public consultations. A refreshed National Medicines Policy was delivered to the Australian Government in December 2022 and a Final Consultation Report is also available.

Review of health technology assessment in Australia

This review recommended new directions for health technology assessments in Australia, to support better health care and reduce regulatory costs. It proposes a policy framework for HTA processes for market entry and reimbursement in Australia, including a vision, goal, objectives and principles.
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