Testing for COVID-19

Early testing means, if you have COVID-19, you can avoid spreading the virus to someone else.

When to test

You should test if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Types of COVID-19 tests

There are 2 types of tests that can detect if you have the COVID-19 virus:

  1. rapid antigen self-tests (RATs)
  2. polymerase chain reaction (PCR, or RT-PCR)

Learn more about how COVID-19 testing works.

Where to get a test

You can do a RAT test at home. Pharmacies, or retailers including major supermarkets and some petrol stations sell these tests.

Read the guide on: 

To get a PCR test, you will need to contact your GP for a referral or visit a COVID-19 testing clinic if they are available in your state or territory.

Visit your local health department for a list of testing clinics near you.

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