Communicable diseases

Communicable diseases are diseases that can spread from person to person. Find out what we’re doing to prevent outbreaks and monitor these diseases in Australia.

We are monitoring the unfolding situation in Australia concerning the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV). It has been declared a Communicable Disease Incident of National Significance. We will update this alert with the latest medical advice and official reports.
Find information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, how to protect yourself and your family, where and when you can get vaccinated, and the current situation in Australia.

Communicable diseases in Australia

Find out about diseases of concern in Australia, and frameworks and laws around managing diseases.

What we do

Discover our role in preventing, monitoring and managing communicable diseases in Australia.

Programs and initiatives

We fund programs and initiatives to reduce the impact of communicable diseases on Australia.

Who we work with

Several key committees and networks help us with our work on communicable diseases.

Nationally notifiable diseases

Health authorities report over 70 communicable diseases to us so we can track what is happening nationwide and respond to any outbreaks.

Our National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System tracks these diseases. 

Communicable Diseases Intelligence journal

This scientific journal publishes information about communicable diseases in Australia:

  • how often and where diseases occur
  • how many cases we have
  • methods to prevent diseases
  • methods to control outbreaks.

Series of National Guidelines (SoNGs)

These guidelines give nationally consistent advice to public health units about how to respond to notifiable diseases. 

The Communicable Diseases Network Australia produces these SoNGs.

Case definitions

We support networks to develop case definitions for health professionals to use when diagnosing notifiable diseases. See our collections of:

Latest resources

Latest resources

COVID-19 vaccine rollout update – 2 February 2023

This presentation, delivered on 2 February 2023, contains an update to Australia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

COVID-19 vaccination – Geographic vaccination rates (LGA) – 2 February 2023

COVID-19 vaccination – Geographic vaccination rates (LGA) – 2 February 2023

Coronavirus (COVID-19) common operating picture – 3 February 2023

This infographic issued on 3 February 2023 provides a weekly traffic light report of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation across Australia.

COVID-19 vaccination – vaccination data – 2 February 2023

This data file contains statistical data about Australia's COVID-19 vaccinations.