Aged care

Aged care provides support to older people to help them with everyday living and other needs. Find out about what services we fund, how older Australians can access them, and what service providers need to do to deliver our aged care programs.

Information about COVID-19 vaccines

Find news and information about the development, approval process and plans for COVID-19 vaccines.

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Learn about aged care

Find out about aged care services and what we’re doing to improve them.

Delivering quality aged care services

Find out about delivering quality care and services.

Read about Australia's aged care reforms

Find out about our once in a generation reform plan.

Read about the Royal Commission into Aged Care

Learn about the 148 recommendations to improve aged care in Australia.

My Aged Care

Visit the My Aged Care website to find information about how to access Australian Government–funded aged care services. You can apply for an assessment online and search for local aged care providers that meet your needs. You can also call Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm.

Aged care programs for the health sector

Home Care Packages Program

The Australian Government subsidises organisations to provide home care services to eligible older people. As an approved provider of Home Care Packages, make sure you understand how funding works, the fees you can charge, and what your responsibilities are.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

The CHSP provides entry-level support for older people who need some help to stay at home. Service providers work with them to maintain their independence and keep them as well as possible. Find out what service providers need to know about this program.

Aged care assessment programs

The Australian Government funds Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) to provide aged care assessment services. As an assessor, view our guides and resources to help you conduct and manage assessments in My Aged Care.

Did you know?

$19.9 billion

was spent on aged care by the Australian Government in 2018–19

More than 100,000

people receive home care package services

2 out of 3

people receiving aged care access basic support at home

Source: 2018–19 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997

Latest general public news

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News - public

Your Aged Care Update newsletter issue #20

In this issue, Support at Home program to commence from 1 July 2025, Get involved: Provider workforce survey opens tomorrow.

Your aged care update #13, 2023

Your Aged Care Update #13: Star Ratings provider previews, volunteer training survey, latest HCP data report, and more.

Aged care sector newsletters and alerts

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Aged care sector news

Reminder – Webinar today: Update on COVID-19 in aged care

A reminder for aged care providers that the Department of Health and Aged Care is hosting a webinar on winter preparedness, with important information on COVID-19 booster doses for older people, including people living in residential aged care homes.

Aged Care Alert – Home Care Packages subsidy rate to increase from 1 July 2023 to cover the cost of increased wages

The Australian Government will increase the Home Care Packages (HCP) subsidy rate by 11.9% (including annual indexation) from 1 July 2023 to pass on the Fair Work Commission’s 15% award wage increase and ensure HCP recipients continue to receive the same level of care and services.

Your Aged Care Update issue 19, 2023

In this issue, register for a webinar about the 24/7 registered nurse responsibility for residential care, and read about new palliative care resources.

Health sector resources

Health sector resources

Residential aged care 24/7 registered nurse responsibility: reporting, supplement and other information – Webinar slides

Webinar slides for the Residential aged care 24/7 registered nurse responsibility webinar on 1 June 2023.

Aged care workforce wage rise – Home Care Packages Program – Provider fact sheet

This fact sheet assists Home Care Packages (HCP) Program providers to prepare for the increase to award wages from 30 June 2023.

AN-ACC assessments dashboard

This dashboard provides users with information on the progress of AN-ACC assessments.

Slide presentation – Supporting SA and NT home care providers to recruit and train personal care workers – 23 March 2023

This presentation contains the slides presented at the Supporting SA and NT home care providers to recruit and train personal care workers webinar.

General public resources

General public resources

Consent for restrictive practices – Information for aged care providers

This fact sheet outlines the informed consent requirements for approved providers on obtaining informed consent from a Restrictive Practices Substitute Decision Maker (RPSDM) to use a restrictive practice on a care recipient.

Consent for restrictive practices – Case studies

This document provides case studies on obtaining informed consent from a Restrictive Practices Substitute Decision Maker (RPSDM) to use a restrictive practice on a care recipient.

Reforming in-home aged care update – 18 May 2023

Watch the recording from the reforming in-home aged care update webinar from 18 May 2023.

Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards – Pilot Program

This document provides the strengthened Quality Standards that have incorporated recent feedback from public consultation held 17 October to 25 November 2022. This version of the strengthened Quality Standards is being Piloted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission from April 2023.