Single assessment system for aged care

From 1 July 2024, the single assessment system will make it easier for older people to access aged care and adapt services as their needs change.

Aged care assessments

A person needs to be assessed before they can access government-funded aged care services. An aged care assessment works out:

  • a person’s care needs 
  • the types of care and services a person may be eligible for.

Around 500,000 older people seek access to aged care services each year.

New single assessment system from 1 July 2024

We are establishing a new single assessment system from 1 July 2024 to simplify and improve access to aged care services.

The new system will replace the:

States and territory governments will continue to have a role in delivering aged care assessments as part of a broader single assessment workforce in the new system.

First Nations assessment organisations will be introduced progressively from 1 July 2025 onwards to provide a culturally safe pathway for First Nations older people to access aged care.

Older people will be assessed into the existing in-home aged care programs until the Support at Home Program starts, bringing together the Home Care Packages Program and the Short Term Restorative Care Program on 1 July 2025.

Why aged care assessment reform is important

The single assessment system will simplify and improve the experience of older people by providing a flexible system that can quickly adapt to their aged care needs.

Currently, there are different assessment systems, which means assessments are not consistent and older people are often moved between assessment organisations as their needs change.

The new system will provide a single assessment pathway that can quickly adapt to changing needs, without having to change assessment providers.

A new assessment tool will collect better information to ensure service recommendations and referrals are tailored to each person’s needs.

First Nations assessment organisations will ensure assessments:

  • are culturally safe
  • are trauma informed
  • better connect older First Nations people with appropriate services. 

How organisations can be part of this reform

Organisations with the capacity and capability to deliver aged care assessments may be eligible to participate in the tender process for the single assessment workforce.

State and territory governments will be engaged through direct negotiation with the Australian Government.

To learn more about the single assessment system to prepare for the tender, read our information pack for organisations.

Visit the AusTender website to learn more and apply for the tender when it opens.

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