Digital Transformation Tech Talk – 10 July 2024

This Tech Talk we share updates from our digital transformation program, with information about our July release and the Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy.

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We are working to create a better-connected aged care network that is consolidated,  sustainable, automated and modern. 

The 17th Digital Transformation Tech Talk webinar includes our usual update on all things digital transformation, including:

  • the July release for the Government Provider Management System, the Business to Government Gateway and My Aged Care portal and more
  • the Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy and Action Plan
  • an extended Q&A session


  • Host: Fay Flevaras, First Assistant Secretary, Digital Transformation and Delivery Division, Department of Health and Aged Care
  • Moderator: Janine Bennett, Assistant Secretary, Digital Business and Engagement Branch, Department of Health and Aged Care
  • Panellist: Joshua Maldon, Assistant Secretary, Digital Strategy and Assurance Branch, Department of Health and Aged Care


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