Three steps to your healthy pregnancy and bub

This videos outlines 3 steps to your healthy pregnancy. It provides information on eating well, staying active and looking after your wellbeing during pregnancy.


Keeping healthy during pregnancy starts with a few simple steps.

First, eat plenty of nutritious food to help your baby develop. Foods rich in iodine, folate, iron, protein, calcium and vitamins D and B12 are great power foods for pregnancy. Don’t drink alcohol, and limit high fat and sugary foods and drinks. And remember, eating for two during pregnancy is a myth!

Staying active helps prepare your body for labour and recovery. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of activity most days. Activities like walking, light resistance exercises, and swimming are a great start. Always listen to your body and drink plenty of water.

Finally, know that everybody responds differently to changes during their pregnancy. So, reach out if you need support. This could be your partner, family, friends or healthcare professional.

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