Staffing profile instruction video – Aged Care Registered Nurses’ Payments Program

An instructional video to assist aged care providers in filling out the staffing profile to support their application for round 2 of the Aged Care Registered Nurses' Payments Program.


The purpose of this video is to help you correctly complete the staffing profile which must be submitted with any grant application for round two of the Aged Care Registered Nurses Payment to reward clinical skills and leadership.

Applications will not be accepted without having a completed staffing profile attached. The staffing profile will confirm the total amount of grant funding you are claiming, along with the amount being claimed for each of your eligible registered nurses.

You are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete and accurate. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995. We will investigate any false or misleading information and we may exclude your application from further consideration if this occurs. The data provided in the staffing profile is used to assess the number of eligible registered nurses and the total amount to be paid to a successful applicant.

As mentioned in section 8.5 of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines, applicants may be subject to audits at the discretion of the Department. Data provided in the staffing profile will not be used for any compliance activity outside of the grant assessment or audit.

If you do not provide a correctly completed staffing profile, assessment of your application may be delayed, or your application determined to be ineligible. You must submit the staffing profile as an excel spreadsheet as it is currently. If you change the format, layout or any other aspect of the staffing profile, your application will not progress. So now what I want to do is go through the staffing profile with you and show you how it will all operate.

So, the first tab that we have on the staffing profile is the Instructions tab. So, this tab just details a little bit of information about what's required for the Organisation Details tab and also what's required for the Nurses Claim tab. So, let's move to the Organisation details tab now and we can go through that in further detail. So, this tab here is where we actually need a little bit of information from you about your organisation. So, the required fields are the organisation name, the type of organisation.

Now that is a drop-down option so you can just select from those options there which one relates to you. The next question again is a drop-down box and that is is the organisation registered for aged care services so that again is a yes or a no drop down. The next one is where you need to enter your NAPS identifier so that is the National Approved Provider System number. So, there is if you hover over the red triangle there there is a little text box that just gives you a little bit more information. So, if you are just wondering where you can locate your NAPS identifier on the regular funding statements that are provided to you as a provider from Services Australia, it will have your NAPS identifier number on there. Alternatively, you can also log on to your My Aged Care Provider portal and it will also have your NAPS identifier number in your profile on that page as well. So, then we just need the organisation contact name. So, what we're after here is a name of a contact, so if we do have any issues or need to clarify some information that is on your staffing profile that would be the best person for us to get in contact with.

So now we move to the next bit of this organisation detail. So, we just need the service or facility name, the suburb where the facility is located, state or territory which is a drop-down option which will have all the options there. We also require your post code. So, what will happen is once you've entered your service or facility name if you just put a suburb in here. So, I'm just going to put this in so you can actually see how the spreadsheet will operate. You then select your state or territory, you then put in your post code and then it will automatically populate the MMM number for you. So, you don't actually need to enter anything into that MMM column as long as you've put your suburb, State or Territory and Postcode. So that is actually all we need on this organisation details tab.

So, we will now move to the Nurses Claims tab. So, this is where we start to require information on all of the eligible registered nurses that you're actually applying for. So, the organisation name and the NAPS identifier. So how this will work is if in the previous tab and I'll just put in example in here so you can see how it will auto populate. So, if you put in a name in that sheet and then go back to the nurses claims you can see that it's prepopulated there for you. So, in the previous tab if you put your organisation name and your NAPS ID number it will automatically populate to this screen. So that will be really handy. It kind of saves you time in duplicating that data entry. So, a few things that you don't need to worry about on this spreadsheet but are really important to how we will assess your application.

So, these orange boxes here, you don't need to add anything into any of those. So, what will happen is once you actually start populating your information down here with your eligible registered nurses, these orange boxes and the the value fields will actually populate themselves, so you actually won't need to worry about them.

So now what we need to do is actually just start entering the information of the registered nurses that you're applying on behalf of. So, what you would do is put your NAPS service identifier in there. The first name of the registered nurse, the surname of the registered nurse. Then we require the AHPRA registration number. So, if you're unsure on the AHPRA registration number you can actually go to and there is a practitioner look up search function. So, you just put in your first and your last name of the nurse that you're searching for, and it will come up with their AHPRA registration number. So, I'm just going to put an example one in here so I can show you what the whole spreadsheet will do. So, if we pop that number in there, we then move to the next box.

So, just now a series of questions to help determine the amount of bonus and if the nurse is in fact eligible for the payment. So, the first question is, was the RN continuously employed from the 1st of November 2022 to the 31st of October 2023? So that is just a yes or a no drop-down option. So, if you select yes to that one, the next box you need to go to is you just select the average hours per week worked in aged care over the eligibility period. So, this again is a drop down and the options that you need to pick from are less than 8, 8 but less than 15,15 but less than 25, 25 but less than 30, 30 but less than 35 or 35 and over. So, what you do is you just select the one that corresponds to the nurse that you're entering this information for. So, you'll notice on to the right-hand side over here, it's actually started calculating the amount of money that that nurse will be entitled to. So, part of the round two for this payment is some nurses may be eligible for an additional payment.

So, the additional payment criteria, and this is in this box here, so all you need to do is nominate the ones that are applicable to you. So, for example, if we just pick postgraduate qualifications, just so I can show you, you'll see in this column here it's added some additional payment to that figure. So, what you have now is you've entered all of the eligibility criteria and then if you go up the top here to these orange boxes, you'll notice that they're now prepopulated based on the information that you've entered down here. So, the other scenario that you might have is if we go back to this box here, so was the RN continuously employed? So, if the nurse is answering no to both of those, that means that they're ineligible to receive a payment through this grant. The other option you might have, or the other scenario is you might have no to being continuously employed from that period. But if the answer is no, was the RN continuously employed from the 1st of May to the 31st of October? So, you'd click yes to that one, ok, and you can see that it changes these bits over here.

So now what you need to do is actually just go through the rest of this Nurses Claims tab and actually just fill in the lines for however many nurses you're wanting to apply for. So, in this particular form you have the ability to add up to 2000 registered nurses working for your organisation. If you need to apply for more than 2000, you will actually need to do an additional staffing profile and submit that as part of your application. So that's pretty much all that needs to be required once you've entered all of your nurse’s information. As I said before, these boxes will add up the grand total of what you're applying for.

So, the final tab in the Staffing Profile is the Privacy and your Personal Information tab. So, this tab is just detailing a little bit about the information that we are collecting as part of this grant and also what will be done with that information. So, there's no action required as part of this tab, it's just for information purposes only. So, if we go back to the Instructions tab, that is the staffing profile complete. So, once you've completed the Organisation Details tab and the Nurses Claims tab, you would save that as a document, and you would attach that to your application. So once the grant goes live, you'll be able to log into Grants Connect and submit an application. Once you've submitted the application, you will actually get application submission number which you'll need to keep for your records and that's just evidence or proof that it's been submitted, and it will come through to us for further assessment.

So that is the staffing profile. I hope this video has been helpful and answered some of those questions that you may have been wondering about the application process. If you do need additional information or you run into any trouble with the staffing profile, you can email the department at So, I hope this has been helpful, and all the best with your application.

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