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[Image appears of a facing and then profile view of Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong walking]

Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong: My expertise is in the area of newborn brain. 

[Images move through of Jeanie turning towards the camera and smiling, her face, Jeanie talking to the camera and Jeanie in conversation with another female and text appears: Associate Professor Jeanie Cheong, MBBS, MD, FRACP]

We spent many years understanding why do pre-term children have health and developmental challenges when they grow up and we actually have a very deep understanding of what those challenges are now. 

[Images move through of a children’s book pages being turned, Jeanie talking to the camera and a machine putting purple liquid via nozzles into test tubes]

However, we’re moving on to the next step of also understanding what the risk factors are and what the protective factors are. 

[Images move through of purple liquid in test tubes, a female looking into a microscope, the microscope lens, Jeanie talking to the camera and the purple liquid being stirred in a test tube]

Then can we go on to look at how we make things better, trial new treatments, new interventions that can maximise these children to reach their full potential.

[Images move through of the test tubes being moved around on a machine, a female drawing liquid into a nozzle, and Jeanie talking to the camera]

I’ve been fortunate to have received a Medical Research Future Fund Career Development Fellowship. 

[Images move through of Jeanie’s face, Jeanie in conversation, Jeanie looking at a book with another female and then Jeanie talking to the camera]

This Fund enables me to have protected research time, time where I can manage the research projects and train the future generations of researchers who will carry on the work into the future.

[Images move through of Jeanie and another female looking at a children’s book, Jeanie talking to the camera and a back view of Jeanie walking inside a building and text appears: Coat of Arms and text appears: Australian Government, Medical Research Future Fund, www.health.gov.au/mrff]

The Medical Research Future Fund has the opportunity to offer all these individuals hope to achieve what they could have done regardless of the events that happened around birth.

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An expert in understanding newborn babies' brains, Associate Professor Cheong describes her work to understand and protect newborn babies from risks at birth.  The Medical Research Future Fund is supporting her to train future generations of researchers, with the ultimate goal of helping children reach their full  potential.