Karlie found strength to quit

Karlie’s an Aboriginal educator and a role model to young Aboriginal children. This gave her the strength to give up smoking for good.


My name is Karlie Burgess, I’m 26, turning 27 next month, and I’m from Hobart. I’m a strong Aboriginal woman. I believe that the whole Tasmanian Aboriginal community helped raise me. I grew up in a household where smoking wasn’t a part of my life. As my mum is the quit smoking worker for the Aboriginal Centre, we weren’t exposed to smoking.

My mum found out I was secretly smoking. It really upset her that she’d set a really good role model and she was upset at why we chose to smoke. I work for the Aboriginal Children’s Centre, and majority of the children’s parents were smoking in homes, in cars, and children were being exposed to smoking. Being an Aboriginal educator and a role model to the young Aboriginal children made me rethink my choices for smoking and gave me a real strength in giving up.

With discussion with the local GP at the Aboriginal Health Service, we put in a health plan so that they would contact me regularly, and they put me on to a quit smoking line, who would also contact me. I’ve been quit now for six months. I support anyone within the Aboriginal community at any age who is going to try and give up smoking and will share my story with them.

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