Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) – Video – Mozzies aren’t just annoying

JEV has been detected in Australia. Find out how you can protect yourself in this short video.


SFX: We hear a mozzie buzzing. Music up and under

VO: Mozzies aren’t just annoying they can also pass on harmful viruses to humans, like JEV.

We should protect ourselves from JEV...because it can sometimes cause serious illness or even death due to brain swelling.

The best way to protect yourself against JEV is to try and avoid mozzie bites.

So when you're travelling about...

protect yourself...

by using these four S.W.A.T. for SAFETY tips:

S is for screens closed and fixed anywhere you sleep, like homes and tents.

W is for wear long, loose fitting clothes that cover up, especially at dusk and dawn.

A is for apply effective mozzie repellent on exposed skin. It should contain DEET, Picardian or oil of lemon eucalyptus.

T is for tip out dirty water where mozzies can breed.

JEV, or Japanese Encephalitis Virus, gets its name because it was first found in Japan more than a century ago...

but it can be found in other parts of Asia.

Until recently, JEV had only been detected in the top end of Australia and had been pretty rare.

Mozzies become infected when they bite an animal with the virus.

Most common animals infected with jJEV are pigs and waterbirds.

...but you can't get JEV from eating their meat.

You can only get JEV...from a mozzie infected with it.

And you can’t get it from another person who has JEV.

The symptoms of JEV are: Headaches...Fever...Vomiting...And in more severe cases…Neck stiffness, Disorientation, Tremors, Coma, Convulsions (especially in children) and Paralysis.

Symptoms usually take 5-15 days to develop ...after being bitten by an infected mozzie.

Some people may have no symptoms at all.

But if you, or someone you know, starts to show symptoms of JEV...

get medical attention right away…

because severe cases may require hospitalisation and close observation.

Help keep our mob safe from JEV and SWAT.. for safety.

Find out more about JEV at health.gov.au

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This animation, produced for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, explains what JEV is, symptoms and safety measures to avoid being bitten by infected mosquitos

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