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See some of our graduates discussing their experience in our graduate program, including starting at the department and the recruitment process.


Health is so welcoming and it is so inviting and it makes such an effort to make sure that all people feel comfortable in the workplace.

Everyone's open, supportive, they want to know about you where you're from and as a graduate you're exposed to a lot of people not only within your team and branch but certainly in network opportunities.

The Department of Health is so lovely. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful and really willing to go the extra mile to help you out.

Everyone's been really accommodating! My team is the best. I love them so much – they've been so nice to me and I've learned so much from them.

I can always just kind of ask a question. It's been very nice.

And I think that's been one of the best things about coming into this particular rotation is it's really wonderful to see people working in such a critical situation managing really challenging complex issues that have the potential to affect a huge spectrum of people in different ways and watching them work through those challenges but in a way that's really collaborative.

On our orientation day the Secretary Brendan Murphy came and spoke to us all and he set the tone for what I find to be such an incredibly welcoming and exciting place to work.

They treat me like a grad, they treat me like one of the team but they're very open when I have any and all questions.

The nature of work is very flat and we can just go up and talk to anyone, spread our thoughts and ideas and it can sort of be a bit of a dialogue and that's really important to my sort of working style and what I find important in a job.

And they're so supportive of the grads! As a new person coming in you think it's going to be scary and awful but everyone is really lovely to the new people which I think is a really good sign.

I found that the recruitment process was lengthy and it required you to have a bit of patience but I learned a lot about myself as I went through the process and it was really good to be able to reflect over my professional and academic experience.

I found it was important to stay patient between each stage and not assume that you are unsuccessful as you will be notified either way.

I also thought that it's great to ask for feedback after the stages if you're given that opportunity.

I think the most important thing about it was to remain positive and not assume that you weren't good enough or that you had failed in any particular stage of the application because it does take a long time. Just important to assume that you were successful through the whole way and then you may be surprised by the end.

I found it quite innovative. I've never had to do things on in an application before so I actually found it very interesting and yeah a really really good new thing to try.

You heard back from them as well and again if you had any queries people were more than happy to help you and to guide you throughout the process.

The recruitment process, while it was lengthy, it was actually very interactive so it was different to any kind of situation that I'd experienced before in a job application.

It just meant that you also had to keep a close eye on your inbox for any updates and although you were you know seriously refreshing every single time you could always reach out to the department for any questions and they'd help you along the way.

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