COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Uncle Dale and Dale-Andrew talk about the COVID-19 vaccine

This video shows Uncle Dale and Dale-Andrew fishing by the river, talking about the COVID-19 vaccine. This video is produced for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences.


Dale Senior: Dale-Andrew, just to let you know, I went for my COVID vaccination the other day.

Dale-Andrew: Oh true. That's good, Dad. That's real good. I'm glad you've done that. And you are right?

Dale Senior: Yeah, not too bad.

Dale-Andrew: That's good, that's good. What about all the other Uncles and Aunties, are they going to have it done too?

Dale Senior: I'll give them a call and recommend they should do it.

Dale-Andrew: You want to make sure, Dad. They listen to you. I was thinking about it the other night, we want you around as long as we can Dad, you know, for your grandchildren.

Dale Senior: Yeah, I want to be around, as long as possible. You know, physically possible.

Dale-Andrew: Because you’ve got a lot to teach them on family history and our traditions. That's why it's important about the elders getting this COVID vaccination.

Dale Senior: Yeah, I'm glad I've done it too.

Dale-Andrew: Oh well, if you're brave enough to do it, I'll get mine done too then hey?

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