COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Pastor Ray Minniecon encourages everyone to get vaccinated to protect loved ones

In this video, Pastor Ray Minniecon encourages all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect loved ones against COVID-19. ‘For me getting vaccinated is showing an act of love.’ Pastor Ray


Hey, you mob.

I reckon getting vaccinated against this Coronavirus is an act of love.

It means that you are showing love to your family, to your nephews, to your nieces, to your Uncles and to your Aunties, to your grandparents.

So, for me, getting vaccinated is showing an act of love to them.

Get vaccinated as quickly as you can, so that we can stop this virus from getting into our communities, getting into our families, and getting into our lives to disrupt us.

We can do this together. Get vaccinated.

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