COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Ella Kris wants her Thursday Island mob protected from COVID-19

Ella Kris, Chairperson for Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Board, explains how important it is to protect yourself against COVID-19 by getting the vaccine when you can.


Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection against getting the virus.

My name is Ella Kris, I am the chairperson for the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Board.

It was really important that I got the vaccine, as the Chair of Torres and Cape.

I have to show people that it’s the right thing and its safe.

And by protecting ourselves, we’re protecting our community, protecting the Elders, we’re protecting where we live and protecting our culture.

When the vaccination team comes to your community, it’s really important to go and get vaccinated.

For more information, just talk to your local health worker.

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