COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Eastern Arrernte family from Alice Springs tell us why they got vaccinated

In this video, Eastern Arrernte family, Catherine, Lily, Eddie and Shanley, explain their reasons on why they chose to get vaccinated and encourage us all to do the same.


Catherine - The threat of coronavirus is real. I chose to get vaccinated to protect my children, my grandchildren, the people of Alice Springs and our mob.

Catherine - Hello, I'm Catherine.

Lily - Hi, I'm Lily.

Eddie - Hi, I'm Eddie.

Shanley - I'm Shanley.

Catherine - We're in Mparntwe country today and we're here to tell you our story about why we've chosen to get vaccinated.

Lily - I chose to get vaccinated, not only for my health but for my children and the Elders around me as well.

Eddie - Yeah look, for me it's just about protecting the wider community, protecting myself and my family.

Shanley - I was definitely still nervous getting the vaccine but I feel like the clinic really educated me and answered all my questions around the vaccine. You can go ask those questions and even if they are silly, ask them and get educated on it and go get the vaccination.

Lily - Footy here in our community is a big part of our culture. If we can all get vaccinated, we can all go to the footy again, be around our families, be around our friends and have the sense of community again. It'd be amazing.

Lily - We understand that our communities are quite far-out and sometimes it is hard to come into town but there are vaccine staff that do go out to the communities and I urge our community mob to get vaccinated for everyone.

Shanley - Not only is it important to get vaccinated for our younger generation, but it's also really important to get vaccinated for our elders and our older generation. They hold so much cultural knowledge and sacred knowledge as it is and to keep them safe and to ensure that knowledge can be passed down to our younger generations is so important.

Catherine - I feel really safe and happy that I'm vaccinated and that my children are vaccinated and that we're contributing to the safety and the future of our community.

Eddie - It's not about ourselves, we've each got to do our bit for the wider community.

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