COVID-19 vaccination – Reliable health advice

In this video, immunologist Professor Ian Frazer AC provides reliable health advice about the COVID-19 vaccines in Australia.


My name is Professor Ian Frazer. I’m an Immunologist and co-creator of one of the world’s first cancer preventing vaccines.

I’ve been working with the science of vaccination for nearly 50 years, and today I’d like to share some knowledge with you.

COVID-19 is a relatively new disease, and COVID-19 vaccines have been developed quickly.

Understandably there remains some questions and concerns about the new vaccines.

Vaccines have been extensively tested by Australia’s health regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, or TGA and we can be confident in them for a number of reasons.

They have undergone extensive clinical trials to gather sufficient data for the TGA to assess the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness…

…and passed rigorous testing.

Vaccines are injected into your body. They do not remove anything from your body and they do not change your genes or DNA.

COVID-19 vaccines teach your body to recognise and fight the COVID-19 virus without giving you the illness. They do not contain a live COVID-19 virus, and you cannot get COVID-19 from having the vaccines.

They have been demonstrated to be highly effective at preventing death and serious illness from COVID-19 throughout the world.

In fact, evidence suggests they’re even more effective than previously thought.

If you have questions or concerns about getting the vaccine, always ensure you get information you can trust from a reliable source.

Unfortunately there is false information spreading online about the COVID vaccines.

To help you identify false information, here are some simple tips:

Look closely.

Does the information seem trustworthy?

And is it coming from an expert?

You can help stop the spread of false information by checking before sharing anything online.

For accurate, evidence-based information, visit or

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