COVID-19 vaccination – Rebecca’s vaccination experience

In this video, Rebecca Kelly shares her experience of getting her COVID-19 vaccination.


I think we should get vaccinated to look after everyone.

So there's so many people that can't get vaccinated

because of their immune systems

and it's our responsibility to look after them.

I did it for our children and

particularly our little fella

who's medically complex

and has been to hospital lots of times with respiratory issues.

I booked my vaccination by phone.

So someone gave me a phone call

and asked me if I'd like to

come in and get vaccinated.

Our vaccine clinic was at the hospital.

I only had to wait a minute or

two and they called my name,

brought me through, it was really quick.

And then they asked us to

sit in the waiting room

for 15 minutes afterwards,

just to make sure we

didn't have any reactions.

And in that time they

booked us for our repeat

the next appointment,

and then we went home, it was really easy.

I got my second vaccine about a month ago

and it's all been fine, since then.

Yeah, I'll definitely

have our kids vaccinated.

Once it's approved for children,

it's part of that safety for

everyone in the community

and it avoids them bringing

it into our family as well

and giving it to another son as well

I really encourage everyone

to go and get vaccinated.

I think it's the only way

we'll be safe in the long-term

and that we can get back

to some sort of normal.

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