COVID-19 vaccination – Protecting against severe disease

In this video, immunologist Professor Ian Frazer AC discusses the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines to protect against severe disease.


My name is Professor Ian Frazer. I’m an Immunologist and co-creator of one of the world’s first cancer preventing vaccines.

I’ve been working with the science of vaccination for nearly 50 years, and today I’d like to share some knowledge with you.

The first thing to remember is that any vaccine made available to the Australian public will have gone through robust clinical trials – to ensure they work and are tested for safety.

The COVID-19 vaccines are also based on the vast knowledge and experience that already exist about vaccines – and how best to develop them successfully.

COVID-19 vaccines were able to be quickly developed at high standards, because of researchers and scientists all over world working together, with higher levels of funding and access to new technologies.

So while the COVID-19 vaccines were developed quickly, they used the same level of resources focused together within a shorter timeframe, without compromising safety, quality or efficacy.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration, or TGA, is responsible for monitoring the safety of all vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccines. They have determined Australia’s approved vaccines are effective with benefits outweighing any risks.

The TGA closely assesses safety data before approval, and continues to monitor the safety of vaccines after they are registered in Australia, to detect and respond to any safety concerns.

The vaccines being used here in Australia have also passed batch testing before use.

Having the COVID-19 vaccine is the simplest, most effective way to protect ourselves and others against severe illness and death from COVID-19.

If you have questions or concerns, about getting the vaccine, ensure you get information you can trust from a reliable source.

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