COVID-19 vaccination – James’ vaccination experience

In this video, James Manders, who has low vision, shares his experience getting his COVID-19 vaccination.


How did you feel about getting your COVID-19 vaccination?

I was excited because we’ve got something that can help stop the transmission of this virus, which has affected us all.

So I was really looking forward to it. Why is it so important for Australians to get vaccinated? Part of my day job is to travel, and I like to get out and about. When we have shutdown or lockdown restrictions, it’s not good for people’s wellbeing.

So we need to build our herd immunity in our communities so that getting the vaccination will help us to get out and do what we do best. What did you do to prepare for your vaccination appointment?

I followed the guidance of our TGA because in my line of work I connect with them and they’re world-class. So if they say it’s safe and they approve it then for me it’s just like a flu vaccine.

Where did you get your vaccination?

I got my vaccine at the ACT health vaccination hub in Garran. It was easy - walk in, sit down, I was out within half an hour. It was very easy.

Have you experienced any side effects?

No side effects. Just like any other vaccination that you get, the flu vaccines or any other regular vaccination program. It’s just a little bit of a sore arm, but no problem at all.

Have you received your second vaccine dose yet?

All done. I had it last night, and again no issues, I feel fine. Again, now I can focus on booking up my travel schedule to get out and about to do what I need to do for my work.

Were you hesitant before getting the vaccine?

I trust the authorities and the health regulator to make sure it’s safe. Like anything, there’s going to be the odd side effect but this is absolutely no problem at all.

What message do you have for Australians that haven’t booked in to get their vaccine?

Do it as quickly as you can. People who don’t get the vaccination I think will just delay us returning to a normal life.

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