COVID-19 vaccination – information kiosks at shopping centres

The Australian Government has information kiosks in different locations to help people book their vaccination appointment if they are eligible.



So we're a pop-up information service which is um being offered by the Australian Government in shopping centres or areas that are easily accessible by the general public.

I think it's a great idea particularly in this area where we've got an older community who may not have Internet access or computer access, so this is great that people can come here and actually look into their COVID vaccination.

I'm here helping the people from India and Nepal,Pakistan with the Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu kind of languages that's my speciality.

So when you arrive to our booth you can expect to be walked through the registration process which is basically getting your details down checking which areas are close to you to be able to go and receive your vaccination and looking into those particular venues you.

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