COVID-19 vaccination – Dr Dinesh Palipana – 60 seconds – Auslan (Questions about vaccines)

In this video, Dr Dinesh Palipana provides short COVID-19 vaccination messages to people with disability.


Vaccines work.

Vaccines reduce the risk of  severe disease.

Vaccines reduce the risk of death and vaccines also reduce the risk of spread of  COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccinations are free for anyone in Australia.

If you live in disability residential accommodation with someone, or aged care accommodation, an Australian Government vaccination provider will be in touch to make vaccination arrangements.

If you need  some support you can take a family member, carer, friend or support worker  to your appointment.

You will need two appointments for two doses.

When you  are at your first vaccination appointment the person administering the vaccine will  tell you what kind of vaccine you are getting and the timing for the second dose.

To make  your appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination you can go to or  talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

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