Professor Tom Calma
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For a lot of us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, is to look at our smoking habits. Because for a lot of us who smoke, that makes us more vulnerable to be able to get coronavirus or the flu.

So what’s important is to cut back on your smoking, or give up if you can. You know that’s really important and there’s two good reasons for that. One is, that you want to have a strong body. Particularly your lungs, and particularly your heart. And that’s two of the big ones that smoking impact on. But the other really important one is to make sure that we don’t smoke around other people because our family members, they can also be affected by our smoke. What we breathe out, they breathe in, and that’s not good.

Remember that you’ve got Quitline, a really important service that you can ring up.

There’s also My Quitbuddy which is an app, and there’s plenty of apps on the internet.

So while you're sitting around with nothing to do because you're in isolation get on that computer, get on your phone, look up these apps, look at ways to give up.

We can do it if we all do it together. Best of luck.

Date published: 
18 May 2020
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Professor Tom Calma AO explains why it is especially important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to quit smoking during this time.