Professor Tom Calma
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Hi again, I just wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about the importance of us going out and getting our medical checks.

You know some of us are a bit scared to be able to go down to the local doctor because we are scared about catching something. What’s important though is that if you have got a cough or a sneeze and if you need to go to the doctor, ring up ahead of time and let them know so they can make sure that you’re treated specially. And not just hanging around with other people in the clinic.

But what’s really important in these times is to make sure that we keep up with our medical treatment. Make sure we’ve got all of our medicines.

Make sure that if you need to take your child to immunisation, that’s important.

As long as we keep our distance from each other, we don’t cough or sneeze in each other’s presence, and if we have good practices, we can go down to the doctors and still feel safe. We can go down to the health clinic and still feel safe.

Date published: 
18 May 2020
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Professor Tom Calma AO explains why it's important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to keep up with their medical appointments during the coronavirus outbreak.