Michelle Thomas
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Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a proud Boon Warrung woman, a registered nurse, final year medical student.

I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, which is where I am today.

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we know its really important that we support our Elders and older people in our community.

We know that the virus is dangerous for all people, but particularly so for older people and people with health conditions, such as issues with the lungs, heart or kidneys, and conditions such as diabetes. 

While keeping away from others is really important to stop the spread, being physically isolated doesn't mean that we can't yarn.

Communicating and staying in contact with people and keeping our culture strong is really important.

A really good way to help out the Elders and older people in your community, is to cook them a meal and leave it by their front door.

You can even ask them for a list and help them with their grocery shop.

Just don't forget to wash your hands.

Another way you can stay connected is by dropping a note in someone's mailbox.

If you know an older person who's feeling isolated, give them a wave or chat to them over the fence.

Helping Elders, Aunties and Uncles to use technology is also really important.

So it would be great for my Mum and I to be able to use Facebook and FaceTime to stay connected. 

Yes, today Michelle is going to teach me how to do Zoom.

Together with your help we can support our Aunts, Uncles and Elders within the community, to make sure they're safe and well looked after during this time.

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10 June 2020
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Michelle Thomas is a registered nurse and final year medical student. She is a proud Boon Warrung woman and a member of the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association. Listen to her advice on how you can support Elders and older people in your community.