Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Video – How to do a Lollipop rapid antigen test

This video, in English, provides instructions on how to do a COVID-19 Lollipop rapid antigen test.


How to do a rapid antigen test with your tongue

Rapid antigen tests are tests that tell you if you have COVID-19.

They are called RAT for short.

Many RATs are done from your nose.

Some RATs can be done with the spit on your tongue.

This video is about how to do a RAT with your tongue.

We will tell you how to do those tests.

Do not put anything in your mouth for 30 minutes before you do the test.

The test might not work if you do.

This means no food or drink

No gum

No smoking cigarettes

And no brushing your teeth.

Wash your hands.

Dry your hands well.

Get a watch or a timer.

Check the date on the box with your test.

Do not use the test if the expiry date is already over.

Open the test kit carefully.

In the box should be

Information about how to do the test

A rubbish bag

A strip that will show you

if you have COVID-19 or not

The lollipop saliva swab

This swab helps you get the spit from your tongue

Get the lollipop saliva swab.

Hold the big round end of the swab.

And do a big cough into a tissue before you start. Place the sponge at the end of your tongue.

Move the sponge from the front to the back of your tongue,

And do it from side to side.

Do this for 90 seconds.

Take sponge out of your mouth.

The sponge should be soft.

The circle on the back should be blue.

Put the sponge end of the swab into the test strip. You will hear a click when it is in the right place.

Check the instructions that come with the test to see how long to set your watch or timer. Most take 10 or 15 minutes. Check the strip after the time to see what it says. If you wait too long to check the strip that result may be wrong. Your test is negative if you only see a line next to the letter C

And no line or colour next to the letter T. A negative test means you do not have COVID-19. Your test is positive if you see A line next to the letter C and A line or colour next to the letter T. A positive test means you have COVID-19. The test did not work if you do not see the line next to the letter C

Or see no lines or colour at all You need to do another test if your test does not work. When you have finished put everything in the little rubbish bag and throw it in the bin and wash your hands. Clean where you did the test. If your test was negative but you still think you have COVID-19 do another test after 1 day. Talk to someone you trust if you need help with your RAT.

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