Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Video – Dr Joel Wenitong

Dr Joel Wenitong is a GP and a musician. Listen to his advice to help keep your mob safe from the coronavirus.


Hey you mob, its Dr Joel Weno and this is a quick video to keep our mob safe during this COVID-19 virus outbreak.

One - Keep Your Mob Safe.

Keep your family at home and only one person goes to get food and stuff that you proper need.

When you’re shopping, keep a good distance from other people like you do when you dun the wrong thing and your nan is trying to flog you with a stick.

And keep your hands clean.

When you get home, wash your hands again, have a shower and wash your clothes too.

Cause you don’t know who’s been coughing around in the shops.

Number two - wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or at least 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Most people will get infected with the virus from their hands after they touch their mouth, face or picking boggas.

You can also get it when people sneeze in your face and it can also be in someone’s gaunna.

Three - catch your coughs, sneezes and runny nose in a tissue, elbow or face mask then throw away your tissues in a bin and wash your hands.

The mask should only be used for about 6 hours and it is only really to stop someone who has the virus from spreading it around.

Four - eat washed, real food, not that gammin processed food.

Sleep for 8-9 hours a day and do some exercise every day to keep your body strong.

Check these links out for more info.

Stay Black and Deadly.

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Dr Joel Wenitong is a GP and a musician. Listen to his advice to help keep your mob safe from the coronavirus.

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