Jo Kaczmarek and Annie Mairu-Kaczmarek
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Hi, I’m Jo Kaczmarek, I’m a medical student at JCU in Townsville.

I’m from Badu Island in the Torres Strait, and I’m here with my mum Annie with an important message about coronavirus.

Coronavirus e spread when we come clostune or tusse something that somebody who gad that virus been tuss.

Coronavirus spread miaika ngolpana gasamaik mabaig nga kikirr virus ngu.

Coronavirus can kese ebryone.

Ngolpa mura can gasamaik coronavirus.

Youmi can help stape the spread of coronavirus by keeping our distance. Even when we healthy.

Ngolpunka gasamaika launga ngolpana koey sigal mimic.

So, no shake hands, or kiss or hug. Stay 2 nuthakind big steps away from other people.

Mabaigau sekun maig, kiss miag or gamuka gasamai miag. Koey segal siamiziu wara mabaigngu.

Nor travel between ailan so mepla can stop tha sick from spread.

Rungathau maig wara lagaka.

Washe you hands, especially after you bin go out in public places.

Gethal garrwalgimiziu netha na adhal a miazig.

Keepe your hands clean ane try no for touch you face.

Gethal clean mamuiziu ar gethau paranu wanai maig.

Youmi need to protect our ole people ane community.

Toegther mepla can stay safe and stap-e the spread.


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4 June 2020
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Jo Kaczmarek is a medical student at JCU in Townsville and a member of the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA). She and her mum Annie have an important message about coronavirus for Torres Strait Islander people.