Careers in mental health – interview with Social Worker Muan Thang

Hear from Social Worker Muan Thang about the insights into the reality of work within the mental health sector industry.


Hi. I'm Muan a Counsellor, a social worker and Motivational Speaker.

The reason I choose Social Work as my profession is I want to contribute my life to change the life of people individually, in a family, in a community, and in a society. If you are considering Social Work or Psychology or Counselling, there are a few things I like to advise.

You have to find the reason why you are considering, reflect upon your personal journey from childhood to adulthood. Your family experiences in times of relationship, your community experiences in times of relationship building, and then think about how important it is. And if you think that's the foundation for your own success, then you can make a decision after that.

To be a good Social Worker requires an open mind to learn from experiences, to continue your learning every day, but not necessarily to be an academic. You have to have a good heart for people, a caring heart for people, commitments to serve the community. That's the number one important case to be a good Social Worker.

The next will be exposed to different kind of studies, learning not necessarily in academic, but experiences in learning, living with the people, working with the people, staying with the people.

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