Careers in mental health – interview with Mental Health Nurse Hannah Thompson

Hear from Mental Health Nurse Hannah Thompson about the insights into the reality of work within the mental health sector industry.


My name is Hannah and I'm a Mental Health Nurse. If you're considering a career in mental health, I suggest nursing as a really good way to get there. It's a three-year degree. It's a generalised nursing degree, which means you do have the flexibility throughout your career as well if you want to dabble in other areas.

I am currently completing my honours while working full time as a new grad nurse, and I have got a lot of career options ahead of me. I am considering maybe doing my PhD or a Master's in Mental Health Nursing.

There is also a lot of different career pathways through work itself. You can become an in-charge nurse, clinical nurse specialist or an educator.

There's also a lot of different streams that I could maybe go into in the future. Things such as community nursing or the acute crisis team. There’s homeless health or the PANDA unit, which is primarily drug and alcohol.

There's a lot of different career pathways within the mental health space that I hope to explore in my future career.

I am really lucky in that I get to go to my job every single day, a job that I really, really love. You see people on some of their most challenging days and you get to help them through that and see them progress through their recovery journey. And that’s just something really rewarding that.

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